Seatown Electric, Heating & Air

ChallengeSeatown Electric came to us as a small local business seeking to break into a cluttered and overcrowded advertising market with serious competition. Over the years, the impact of its advertising has helped to double its workforce and shifted it into a regional focused electric and heating company. Now branded as Seatown Electric, Heating and Air, its challenge was to come up with new branding that reflects and supports all of the growth it has gone through.SolutionThe solution developed for the client was to highlight its status as a larger, full-service brand that is visually unique and clearly differentiates it from any competitor in the market. Viewers are visually stimulated and hit hard with a very unique and different look and feel. This extends to all facets of the company, from its work vans to uniforms, from business cards to their website, all incorporate this unique branding look and style.ResultsThe double-digit growth in Seatown Electric, Heating and Air is testament to its ongoing success with its messaging. With business continuing to grow this year, it has expanded its approach to include recruitment, both offer and branding based advertising, as well as internal employee engagement focused videos hosted on its own website. It is currently expanding its advertising into a new branding campaign that will highlight and all-new look and a series of videos for Everett Silvertips games.

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