Swansons Nursery

ChallengeSwansons Nursery is well known as a garden center. Its challenge was that its business entails far more than that. Its a family focused entertainment location but no one in the area knew. It needed to increase its local visibility so that new families moving into the area would be aware it extends beyond just buying plants.SolutionThe initial solution was to develop the client’s brand around families having fun in their own homes with all that Swanson's can provide. As the brand grew, it highlighted its extensive activities available at its business location. From the cafe to regular special events, from free community classes to an extensive group of gardening experts, Swansons has it all and the new ads shows that fun and enjoyment from a kid’s perspective.ResultsWith year over year increases in customers during special events and a larger community awareness, Swanson's business continues to grow, and it continues to expand its branding efforts with us.

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