ChallengeIn an overcrowded automotive market place where most dealers are perceived to be relatively the same, the Tynan’s brand needed to stand out in order to break away from the car dealership stereotypes through consistent messaging.SolutionWe developed and produced an awareness campaign. These spots are intended to separate Tynan’s from other dealerships, create value for the brand and ensures the Tynan’s name is remembered by current and potential customers when the time has come for their next vehicle purchase. To achieve this goal we created a consistent, cohesive, and impactful awareness advertising campaign working in tandem with monthly retail messages. The first ad is a 30 second television commercial followed by a series of two more 30 second ads. A retail version of each ad will be created to include space for a monthly offer. In addition to the 30 second ads we created 15 second versions of each brand and retail message ads to use for the multiscreen platform which will further reinforce the Tynan’s brand.

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