Central Connecticut State University

ChallengeCentral Connecticut State University is one of the largest Division 1 colleges in Connecticut, and for a few years wanted to switch up its creative message. The communication director really wanted to work with an agency that would recreate a new, fresh message to prospective students in Connecticut and abroad.SolutionNeeding a little convincing to be on-air, we decided to make a sample video of a concept we thought would bring a fresh, trendy message that would entice students to enroll. The Marketing Director loved it so much that we scheduled a creative meeting. In the meeting, we came up with a “CCSU Connected Concept.” The overall concept was designed to match the current new branding of CCSU connected. This concept was designed to bring high energy into the commercials and relay the message of being connected within the university.ResultsThe Client was thrilled with the results of the final creative and with the feedback that was received from the marketing team. It loved the spot so much it increased its buy an additional 6 weeks.

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