Mnemonic is a strategically focused creative agency whose goal is to create real world impact. By providing creative solutions that produce engagement between our clients and their audiences, we drive business for our clients. When combining our award-winning creative work with the robust suite of sales solutions offered by Effectv, we can reach the customers you want, when you want, and make your business goals a reality!


Everyone wants their creative to be engaging but you can’t simply come up with a creative idea and expect people to love it. Engagement is created by filtering ideas through a lens of entertainment. All creative, regardless of your category, should strive to be entertaining. Entertainment evokes emotions and if we have evoked an emotion, chances are your audience has become engaged. If your audience is engaged, we’re in position to drive your business having reached the ultimate goal… being memorable.




Well, we’re a lot of things, but perhaps most important is that we’re a creative crew with a never-ending pursuit of fun. Why is that important? Sure, we make a difference for our clients through sound strategic thinking, creative ideas, and award-winning executions, but none of it would work if we weren’t having a good time doing it. Enjoying what we do enables us to continue coming up with bold and fresh creative approaches that represent your brand’s message. Your brand in turn exudes an irreplaceable confidence. So, let’s go have some fun.



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