Your Encour

ChallengeYour Encour was a new product launch here in the United States. The plan was to start in Atlanta and the southeast then expand nationally. Mnemonic was brought in early to help close this business and guide the messaging from the ground up. Your Encour needed assistance developing a multi-platform campaign to launch their new product. Mnemonic created 13 cross-platform video assets. All imagery and artwork is being used for social media as well as their website. ​SolutionThe Mnemonic team was brought in to create a message and overall brand identity for Your Encour. Mnemonic guiding the client to make a dynamic message yet still have the information describing the product in enough detail to highlight its health benefits.​ResultsThe minute the commercials started airing, Your Encour's product started selling. This is a large scale roll out, so we're excited for the future of Your Encour!​

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