Land Rover Palm Beach

ChallengeThe client wanted to promote how their dealership is the top of the line when it comes to luxury and customer service. Their building however is older and on the surface looks like it doesn't match the brand. The main goal of the commercial campaign is to illustrate to the public how there is more to meet the eye.SolutionWe developed the initial commercial for this campaign that centered around a car pulling up to the dealership with loud music blaring. We create the misdirect that you assume the customer is one thing, when he steps out you can see it's more than you expected. Additionally this helps bridge the gap between the different age demographics, you can show features that a younger customer might like along side a customer who might like the different aspects of the vehicle.ResultsThe client was immensely happy with the result of the production and plans on playing it at a high rotation on air when the current sales climate adjusts.

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