Safe To Net

ChallengeDevelop a campaign to launch the SafeToNet App in the United States. Established for the past 5 years in UK and Germany, SafeToNet’s marketing has been solely B2B. With the company’s global expansion to the Americas, SafeToNet is shifting to a B2C centric marketing strategy while building a brand status from the ground up.SolutionOur fully integrated, multiplatform marketing activation consists of a core targeted video streaming schedule with a robust mix of SEO, organic and paid social strategies, and a layered public relations campaign. With SafeToNet’s various safeguarding and wellbeing tools within the application, we created a diverse suite of creative content that allows for a wider degree of intensity in subject matter. We managed all US PR efforts surrounding this acquisition and are readying the announcement of two key partnerships in the near future.ResultsSocial media accounts and website traffic have steadily increased in the first few months of the campaign. In just the first month of the campaign’s video streaming debut, there was a 36% increase of users spending more than 10 min. on SafeToNet’s site. This shows us that consumers are taking serious consideration in understanding the application’s functionality and various solutions. Consumers are engaged in the education of the technology and challenges it addresses for them.

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