Cross-market Effectv Sales team in California needed additional ideas to support Media Solutions, the agency running the state mental wellness resources campaign. The Sales team reached out to Mnemonic for non-traditional opportunities to offer Media Solutions that would set Effectv apart from other media.
In doing our creative deep dive, the Mnemonic team discovered the "Surgeon General’s Stress Busting Playbook" – a list of tips and best practices to help with mental wellness. We developed the idea of the CalHOPE Hope Lives Here Portal on the Xfinity X1 platform – a place where audiences can say “CalHOPE” into their voice remote and watch video content on each of the 7 Stress Busting Tips. The video series features content presented by mental wellness industry experts like California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris and Dr. Jim Kooler from the California Department of Health Care Services, as well as partnering with experts at UCLA and other sports francise organization. Using the unique X1 Voice Remote technology with a custom keyword, and creating the premier quality Stress Busting Tips video series, Mnemonic helped Media Solutions provide an exclusive platform and content for their client.
Client and agency loved seeing the Playbook come to life in video so much that they are now working on involving their other industry partners and expanding the Hope Lives Here Portal to live on their homepage, making the videos and their resources available to all Californians.