Langer’s Entertainment Center

ChallengeLanger’s is a brand-new family-fun center just outside Portland, Oregon looking to make a splash with a need to establish a brand identity. Their first-impression was critical, so our Creative Director worked with the Marketing Manager at Langer’s to create a brand identity and ethos centered around the theme of the building & attractions.Solution“Explore the Oregon Funtier” was created as a way to make the analogous comparison of the joy spent at Langer’s with the fun things to experience throughout Oregon. Their rock wall is a scale replica of Smith Rock. So, we shot at Smith Rock and merged the experience showing the thrill of adventure could be experienced at Smith Rock… or closer at Langer’s.ResultsThe client is thrilled and business is going great. They’re keeping the theme and brand mythology going with plans to expand creative to match expansion to their facility. Go-Carts coming soon!

Privacy Preference Center