Volvo Cars Tacoma

ChallengeTwo dealerships merged into one location. This was the challenge faced by Volvo Cars Tacoma. The dealership wanted to reassure customers from both dealerships that they would continue to receive the same excellent service for their current cars as well as on any new vehicles purchased. This challenge was further exacerbated due to the distances between the former and the new dealership.SolutionThe solution developed focused on targeted messages for each of three distinct groups - employees, former customers and new customers tying all three together with the tag line, "It's where I get my Volvo." By using the three different perspectives, Volvo Cars Tacoma was able to show the unifying force was still the excellent customer service all received.ResultsVolvo Cars Tacoma reported positive results which led to it expanding this campaign to its Jaguar and Land Rover groups. It experienced increased web engagement by customers via its social channels and successfully bridged the transition without losing customer business through the merger as it grew new car sales.

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