Wind River Spas

ChallengeWind River Spas is in the midst of a big remodel at its showroom and wanted to get some advertising momentum going into Spring ahead of the grand opening, remodel season, and the Home and Garden Show. It wanted to raise awareness of the Wind River brand and the fact that it’s locally made/manufactured. The client wanted to position itself as superior because its hot tubs are uniquely designed for Colorado’s climate, and THE choice for Coloradoans.SolutionWe showed Wind River Spas as being a true Colorado brand, just like all the other things Coloradoans are known to enjoy, such as: locally sourced food, craft beer, active lifestyles and doggies! It’s sort of a little ‘wink’ to those locals in-the-know, while establishing Wind River as a truly local brand.ResultsThe owner of Wind River Spas loved the campaign so much that he rejected the opportunity for a “free” commercial produced by a local broadcast station and chose to use our creative for his media buy throughout the market. He also expressed his trust and desire for future partnership in the next campaign.

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