Cano Health

ChallengeCano Health is one of the fastest-growing medical centers in the country. As they are expanding, they realized the need for creative expertise to match the professionalism of the brand. At our first meeting, we reviewed the current national medical commercial landscape and all agreed it needed to have the same quality. They are not new to media so we knew that we had to deliver something that just didn't look pretty, but hit the message and tone of something impactful. Additionally, we had to shoot a series of commercials that promoted several different aspects of their business — pain treatment, wellness, and transportation services. SolutionWe designed three commercials to be shot over three days. Scheduling was key to make sure we could travel to all seven of the locations and have enough time to capture the look and performance needed in each scene. There was about a month in preproduction as we planned to start around open enrollment. We even had an extra week when we put the initial production days on hold as we waited to see if the category 5 hurricane Dorian was going make direct landfall on top of us (South Florida problems). When we got back up to speed, all of the pieces were in place. We implemented the shoot plan with a prepared crew who knew exactly what each step was going to be during the production.ResultsCano Health loved the commercials and we have worked on two new projects with them since completing this initial campaign. The commercials have been airing them throughout the state and not just locally as initially intended.

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