Element Aqua

ChallengeThis client came to us with a very specific task. They had seen a national Speedo commercial and wanted to achieve the same look and quality. They are a local business, so they did not have the same budget range as a national client. We had to be smart with how we use their budget to collect the imagery we needed to create this campaign.SolutionWe looked at the different elements that were needed to include to structure the edit in a way that was inspired by, but not derivative of, the commercial inspiration they had. First was the underwater element: we needed to hire an underwater diver who had the equipment and the knowledge to capture all of the material on that plane. The next piece to tackle was the above water shots. Not wanting to be tied to shooting the talent directly next to the side of the pool we needed a way to shoot them in a 360-degree environment. Our solution was to bring in a small jib and operator to allow for flexibility to move the camera around the talent and create dynamic shots similar to many national exercise or sports-related businesses. The combination of both the underwater and jib teams created a fun and visually stimulating commercial that could catch the viewer's eye and promote the business. ResultsElement Aqua reported back that, after a roughly one month run of the commercial, they were booked solid and are in the process of adding more classes to accommodate the increase in attendance.

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