Madera County Department of Public Health

ChallengeMadera County's vaccination rate is below 50% for all eligible residents. The county was given funding to produce a campaign showing the benefits of getting the vaccine, however, they were overwhelmed working with different partners, which lead to inconsistent creative that lacked the quality they were looking for. Creative needed to representative of the community, not "too pushy" regarding vaccinations, and needed to be completed within two weeks.SolutionMnemonic reviewed creative for other assets that had already been contracted and developed an English and Spanish to amplify the "do more of what you love" messaging. ResultsThe client was not only impressed that the deadline was met, but they also loved the quality and focused stock footage – feeling it truly represented the residents of the county. Madera County anticipates more funding in October and is excited to explore a true 360 campaign with Mnemonic.

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