Contra Costa College

ChallengeContra Costa College’s enrollment was at a record low due to the pandemic. They serve a large population of low-income, working-class immigrants and people of color who were greatly impacted during this time. We needed to reach these audiences right away, expose them to new career paths and help connect them with valuable and necessary resources. Two funding sources were identified by the Dean of Workforce Development and Career Education, including a grant which focused on reaching and providing services to student groups disproportionately affected by the pandemic. SolutionBrand Contra Costa College as a welcoming, supportive and accessible institution with a wealth of resources to help students gain professional hands-on experience and achieve their goals. Promote Career Education Programs and tell authentic stories that their audiences could connect to and identify with. ResultsEnrollment increased for the programs which were supported by video. Faculty throughout the college loves the new creative direction and is interested in featuring additional programs and stories. We are currently working with them on a 3-year strategy and plan.

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