Solano County Behavioral Health

ChallengeSolano County Behavioral Health received funds to produce their first major marketing campaign on mental wellness, but had a strict one-month turnaround time and needed to reach several underserved communities with multiple messages. Creative needed to be informative, inspiring and culturally authentic.SolutionMnemonic developed a 360° marketing campaign that generated creative content for digital and linear TV, social media, and additional assets for other client use in English, Spanish, and Tagalog. Visuals also reflected diversity in age, race, ability, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status to speak to more residents within the county.ResultsThe client was wowed by the high quality and inclusive creative that came out of production — with messages for folks personally affected by mental wellness hardships, their family members, or anyone needing additional resources. The client’s deadline was also met on time, ensuring the government fiscal requirements were met. Immediately after the first campaign wrapped, the client reached back out to Mnemonic for quotes on their next and even more expanded campaign.

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