Schochor, Federico & Staton Law Firm

ChallengeSchochor, Federico & Staton had well produced, high-quality, and professional commercials they were already running with Effectv. However, after a year of advertising, the law firm had not experienced the level of success they anticipated. To better understand why, they reached out to Mnemonic. Mnemonic was able to identify that the commercials did not effectively reflect the life altering and traumatic nature of a medical malpractice accident, and most importantly, the commercial’s voice was generic, similar to a corporate legal practice. We quickly realized developing creative that was emotional, empathetic, and realistic would be key to success in this very sensitive field. SolutionAfter multiple discovery meetings with each of the firm’s six partners, and days reviewing Schochor, Federico & Staton’s case studies and success stories, Mnemonic created “True Stories,” an advertising campaign telling the dramatic and moving true stories of actual clients through actor portrayals. This also allowed us to highlight the firm’s commitment to caring for their clients while fighting for what is right.ResultsAlmost immediately, the firm began to see positive results from the campaign. The response was so successful, the client recently worked with Mnemonic to develop a second set of spots under the same campaign umbrella.

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