Tennessee Department of Health

ChallengeAt the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, with everything being shut down to prevent the spread, doctors saw a dramatic decrease in the number of children being vaccinated against known diseases. The Tennessee Department of Health approached Mnemonic for help developing a campaign that would speak to parents about the importance of vaccinating their children, especially under the circumstances. SolutionInspired by the television series “Doc McStuffins”- Mnemonic worked to develop a concept all parents could relate to - a young girl playing doctor with her stuffed animals. Narrated from a parent’s perspective, but featuring a child, was a way to appeal to both audiences and shine a light on this pressing concern.ResultsThe client was very pleased with how the final spot came together and the campaign ran across the entire state for several months. In addition, multiple other health departments across the country reached out to the TN DOH and requested permission to repurpose the spot for their own vaccination campaigns.

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