Tennessee Department of Health

ChallengeThe Tennessee Department of Health was looking for an impactful and thoughtful campaign aimed at reducing the stigma surrounding Alzheimer’s Disease that would get people talking and connect the impacted demographics across the state with the resources available to them through their website.Solution Focusing on a simple fact, that most people are often IN THE DARK about this disease, served as inspiration for our creative. Each spot in the campaign featured a specific group: care givers, those experiencing early warning signs, and those at higher risk for developing the disease based on lifestyle. Using a minimalistic set and stylistic lighting, we crafted three emotionally driven storylines that underlined the importance of learning more about what could be happening and getting the support needed.ResultsThis campaign was helpful in increasing awareness of the available resources for Alzheimer’s on the Tennessee Department of Health’s website. The client was very pleased with the end result and the work was recognized for its impact with a regional Emmy award.

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