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ChallengeThis client has not been on air for a while, they have struggled finding a creative team that could produce a campaign they were proud of and would bring results. A concern they had was how to tastefully insert an element of urgency into their campaigns. SolutionWe created a 360 animated campaign that consisted of two commercials for tv and five spots for social media. We built into the spots a special offer that is only available for a limited timeResultsThe client is thrilled with the creative and we are working on designs for a new brand mascot, and additional spots. Quote from the client: “I’m not an easy client, but I am so pleased with my working relationship with your team. Things are getting done on time, in a wonderfully pleasing way and I am so very happy with how you HEARD what our goals and needs are. The work you are doing is proof you care about my campaign, and I am not ”just a project”. I truly feel you are giving me a wonderful experience and am so pleased with the work being done!” – Tara Dawn: co-owner – Opal Enterprises

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