Miami Dade Water and Sewer

ChallengeMnemonic produced a video commercial for the Miami Dade Communications Department highlighting the Water and Sewer Department's clean water program. The department wanted to feature information about how they treat and deliver water in a number of ways to the residents of Miami-Dade County. SolutionThis production profiled several different Miami-Dade residents on their way to a county water source when time slows down to a standstill. The commercial voiceover tells the journey of how the water they are about to use gets treated and purified before it makes its miles long journey right to their fingertips. This concept aimed to highlight the many important steps that go into providing clean and safe water to otherwise unknowing residents who enjoy it every day.ResultsThe Communications department began airing the video with Effectv and educated Miami residents on how the Miami Dade Solid Waste Department helps provide clean and safe drinking water to their homes.

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