Seattle Public Utilities

ChallengeSeattle Public Utilities identified a need to reduce food waste within King County due to the high use of compost resources. Food waste accounted for a significant cost to both consumers and the county. They developed a Love Food, Stop Waste program but needed a way to reach consumers in a targeted manner that drove website traffic and increase downloads of their guide – that's where Effectv and Mnemonic were able to step in with a solution.SolutionMnemonic presented a three-part campaign of shorter fifteen-second ads that focused on the most important consumer money saving aspects of the client's program – freezer use, food storage and shopping lists. Using those key points kept the message direct and capitalized on consumers desire to save money. The graphic animation style selected also emphasized the simplicity of the steps with direct and vibrant color choices. This emphasized the direct and to the point messaging of the client while providing a budget conscience approach using the fifteen-second ad format.ResultsClient saw a significant increase in website traffic and improved downloads of guides during the campaign – reaching their campaign goals. Due to the strong response, the client renewed the campaign and continued to see results.

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